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Immigrate from Australia to Italy

Immigrate from Australia to Italy

If you want to immigrate from Australia to Italy there are certain legal aspects that you should take into consideration. In most of the cases, the issuance of a visa for Italy from Australia will be necessary and the applicant must take all the steps in order to have the required visa at the moment when arriving in Italy

Given that there are multiple types of immigration documents Australians can obtain when arriving in this country, it is best to request legal information on the visa types and the documents you should prepare from our team of immigration lawyers in Italy

What should you do when moving permanently to Italy?

If you want to immigrate from Australia to Italy on a permanent basis, you should first verify the types of visas you can obtain and you must also make sure that you will have a residence permit, which gives you the right to live here. After living here for several years, you can apply for a residence permit in Italy

This step will always be handled by the Italian institutions, but when seeking to move to Italy, you will apply for a visa for Italy from Australia. The visa will be issued by the Italian institutions as well, but the procedure will be done through the Italian consulate or embassy working in Australia.

When moving here, you should also decide on the Italian region in which you want to live, if you are not bound by a certain place due to an employment contract or other obligation. Generally, foreigners will choose large Italian cities, such as Rome or Milan, but the Amalfi Coast is also very popular. Another aspect that you should check refers to the services of international removalists, who can help you relocate your goods to Italy

If you have children, you must also verify the requirements for enrollment in Italian schools (public or private). Lastly, you should also address to an Italian lawyer if you want to purchase a property. With regards to your residency, our immigration lawyers in Italy can provide in-depth legal advice and legal representation. 

Does Italy have a Working Holiday Program?

Yes, Italy is one of the European countries which provides the Working Holiday Program, through which young foreigners can visit the country and can also enter a work activity for a limited period of time. In order to participate in this program as an Australian, one has to apply for the visa for Italy from Australia. After obtaining the document, the person immigrating to Italy is personally responsible to apply for a residence permit. Below, you can find out some of the basics of this visa type:

  • once the visa is issued, the applicant can arrive in Italy in a period of maximum 3 months, calculated from the date at which the visa was issued;
  • the holder of the visa will be entitled to staying in Italy for a period of 12 months;
  • the work activity can only cover maximum 6 months from the total duration of the stay, and an Italian employer is allowed to sign employment contracts of only 3 months under this visa, which means that the person immigrating to Italy can work for 2 different employers;
  • the visa can be obtained only by young Australians with an age of minimum 18 years old and maximum 30;
  • after arriving here, the applicant must make the necessary legal steps in order to obtain a residence permit in maximum 8 days since the arrival in Italy and he or she has to provide 4 passport photos and pay a stamp duty of EUR 14.62 with the Immigration Office

Those who want to obtain this visa for Italy from Australia have to know that there are specific limitations. For instance, certain categories of visas will allow the foreigner to bring his or her close family members in Italy for the duration of the visa. In this case, this does not apply. 

This immigration document can be issued only one time to an applicant, who must also make the proof that he or she has sufficient financial means for living in Italy, but also that the return ticket has already been bought or that there are sufficient financial funds to purchase one. 

If you want to apply for a visa for Italy from Australia, the main reasons to obtain one are related to the following: tourism, visiting family and friends, adoption, business and investments, elective residence, family reasons and medical care. Other legal reasons can apply and this is why we invite you to contact our immigration attorneys in Italy

What are the main long stay visas in Italy? 

Australians who want to immigrate to Italy on a long-term basis can apply for a wide range of visas, that can be issued for various types of purposes. Besides the Working Holiday program, foreigners from Australia can arrive here work purposes (by applying for a work visa or a self-employment visa), for family reunification purposes or study purposes, to name few of the main options. 

There is also the possibility of arriving in Italy for business purposes, which means that Australians will have to access the visa investment program applicable here (and in this sense, there are multiple visas options, based on the investment threshold that the investor is able to invest when starting a local business). 

What is the Italian Elective Residency Visa?

For Australians seeking to move to Italy on a permanent basis, there is the option of applying for the Elective Residency Visa. It represents a long stay visa which can be turned into permanent residency under specific conditions. One of them is to provide evidence of having sufficient financial funds to live in Italy

However, it is necessary to know that the funds used in this case can’t be from work activities developed in Italy, but rather from other sources, such as pensions, savings and investments concluded throughout the time. In the case in which you want to immigrate to Italy under this visa type, please mind that you will not be able to obtain an active income from employment contacts developed here, as the visa does not allow work related activities. 

Our immigration lawyers in Italycan provide in-depth information on the legal obligations you have once you obtain this visa, and can also provide details regarding the criteria you have to meet in order to respect the eligibility criteria. It is necessary to know that once you have received the document, you will have to take care of other immigration procedures, such as applying for a residence permit. 

If you need a digital nomad visa in Italy, contact us for legal assistance.

This visa type is available for Australians who want to relocate here on permanent basis and who do not need to work and the exemption from this visa is applicable, of course, to EU citizens, but also to the citizens of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. Some of the main criteria to respect for becoming eligible for this visa type are the following: 

  • prove that you have at least EUR 31,000 per year as available funds to spend in Italy;
  • provided that the applicant will bring his or her partner, the minimum threshold increases at EUR 38,000;
  • the minimum threshold will increase based on the number of family members that will arrive with the applicant (and who are considered dependent to the applicant) – thus, for each dependent, the sum will increase by 20% calculated from the basic threshold of EUR 31,000;
  • signing a suitable medical health insurance recognized in Italy, that has to cover at least EUR 30,000 in medical expenses;
  • passport pictures – they must have the standard size of 35×45 mm and the face of the applicant must cover 70 to 80% of the passport photo size. 

In addition to the above mentioned, you must provide in-depth details on your funds, so that the Italian authorities can be convinced that you will have a regular income – besides the types of income that we have mentioned above, you must know that income from property is also accepted, as well as income from owning shares in companies and other similar types of income. 

Given that this visa is mainly created with the purpose of relocating to Italy on a permanent basis, foreigners should add to their application file information regarding their residency in ItalyAustralians who relocate to Italy are required to have at least a lease or rental agreement signed for a local property. 

Of course, purchasing a property is another option to fulfill this; if you want to purchase a property here as a foreigner, you can always address to our team of immigration lawyers in Italy, who can advise on the manner in which the procedure should be done, the costs and fees that you have to pay and other legal obligations that you may have in this case.  

Provided that the application is successful, Australians who relocate to Italy will be issued with the visa and they will have the right to arrive here. After arriving in Italy, another legal obligation has to be fulfilled – applying for a residence permit. This procedure must be started in a period of maximum 8 days after the arrival, as said above, and this applies to most types of visas. Our immigration lawyers in Italy can present the steps involved here, which are completed through the local police office in the region where you live.  

Our team is ready to provide in-depth advice and legal representation for the issuance of a visa. Our team can help you understand the process of obtaining a residence permit and can also provide legal information on the citizenship requirements for those who want to become Italian citizens