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Immigrate to Italy from Russia

Immigrate to Italy from Russia

Persons who are Russian nationals can immigrate to Italy from Russia following certain immigration steps. A basic condition is to apply for a visa suitable for the purpose of stay. 

According to the Italian immigration law, the visas that can be obtained by Russians are divided into 2 categories: visas for short-term stays, defined as stays of maximum 90 days in a period of 180 days, and visas for long-term stays, with a minimum duration of 90 days. 

Persons who want to obtain an Italian visa can request legal advice from our immigration lawyers in Italy, who can assist in the any of the immigration formalities imposed to foreigners. 

What are the requirements to immigrate to Italy from Russia for short-term stays?

Russian citizens can obtain a visa in Italy for various reasons, such as any of the following: 

  1. tourism;
  2. visiting family and/or friends living in Italy;
  3. business;
  4. adoption;
  5. medical care;
  6. employment;
  7. study;
  8. transit, etc.

According to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, a Russian citizen who is currently in Russia and who wants to apply for a short stay visa in Italy should prepare the following: 

  1. the application form provided by the Italian authorities;
  2. a recent photo that respects the passport size dimensions;
  3. a valid travel document (the passport) that will not expire during the visit in Italy;
  4. information regarding the return to Russia (a flight ticket);
  5. details regarding the accommodation arrangements in Italy

The above mentioned are mandatory details to offer in order to immigrate to Italy, regardless of the type of visa the applicant requests. 

Various documents are added to the list, depending on the purpose of stay (any of the 8 reasons presented above). The applicant has to make sure that he or she also complies with the following: 

  • the expiry date of the passport is 3 months longer than the visa expiration date;
  • the visa holder must show evidence on having sufficient financial means, in accordance with the latest imposed thresholds (dated 1st of March 2020);
  • a valid health insurance with a minimum value of EUR 30,000, recognized in Italy and in all other Schengen states;
  • proof of paying the processing fee, charged at a fixed value of EUR 35;
  • for those who want to apply for a long stay visa, the processing fee is of EUR 116.  

Our immigration lawyers can also help you if you want to get permanent residency in Italy after moving there.

What is the procedure to immigrate to Italy for long stays? 

Russians can immigrate to Italy from Russia for long-term stays also. There are various reasons that grant this opportunity, such as for family reunification

This implies that the Russian citizen has a close family member who has been living in Italy.

The visa application requirements are similar with the ones mentioned above. However, many differences can appear and our immigration lawyers in Italy can be of assistance in this case. 

For instance, it is necessary to add to the application file information regarding the family member who is living in Italy, as well as proof on the residential status of that person. 

A visa for long stay that is available for Russians is the Elective Residence visa, which grants the right to living in Italy on a long-term (permanent basis). 

However, applicants have to be aware that this visa type does not allow the right to work in Italy, so having sufficient financial funds for the entire duration of stay is mandatory and it is also a basic requirement of the visa application. 

In order to immigrate to Italy from Russia, the foreigner is required to have a stable residence in Italy. Here, there are 2 options: 1) to rent an apartment/house; 2) to purchase a property. 

Regarding these 2 options, our immigration lawyer in Italy can be of assistance, especially in the case of property purchase, which is a more complex procedure. Please contact our immigration lawyers in Italy for legal advice and representation.