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Convert a Student Visa into a Work Visa in Italy

Convert a Student Visa into a Work Visa in Italy

Italy attracts thousands of foreign students every year, most of them deciding to remain here permanently after finishing their studies. Because of the aging population, the government is also interested in retaining young talent, no matter if the individuals are Italian citizens or not. This is why the authorities allow foreign students to convert their student visas into work permits in Italy.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy explain the procedure and related steps to converting a student visa into an employment permit. You can rely on us for assistance in making the transition from a student to a worker in Italy.

As a worker, you will be able to apply for a residence permit in Italy.

The main ways of converting a student visa into an Italian work permit

According to the Immigration Law of Italy, foreign citizens entering Italy based on a residence permit for students can work here for a maximum of 20 hours per week. Following the end of their studies, these can apply for one of the available work visas which enable them to apply for full-time jobs and settle permanently in Italy.

A foreign student is allowed to apply for an employee work permit or for a self-employment work visa when interested in converting their student visa. This is actually the only exception to convert a visa, as the Italian legislation does not allow foreigners entering the country under a specific type of visa to simply convert it.

Our immigration lawyers in Italy can offer more information on the immigration policies enabled by the authorities here. These also provide on how to obtain Italian citizenship.

Conditions for a student to convert the visa into an employment permit

A student interested in changing the student visa into an employment permit can do that if they were offered a full-time position within a local company. The other condition imposed for a student interested in obtaining a self-employment permit is to meet the criteria which enable him/or her to obtain such a visa.

The conditions for obtaining a self-employment visa are more stringent than those related to obtaining a residence permit which enables one to find employment with an Italian company.

Our lawyers can offer detailed information on how to obtain both student and work visas in Italy. If you are interested in immigration in Italy, do not hesitate to ask for help from our lawyers.

There are several ways of obtaining a residence permit in Italy, the student visa being one of them.

Steps for changing an Italian student visa into a work permit

No matter the type of work permit one wants to obtain by converting the student visa, the steps are the same and imply:

  1. online registration with the Ministry of Interior in Italy and filing the application form;
  2. file all the requested documents (in original) with the local municipality of the city/town of residence;
  3. sign the agreement of stay in Italy and obtain the necessary documents for applying for a residence permit;
  4. file the necessary documents for obtaining the Italian residence permit with the post office.

It should be noted that based on the type of employment permit one wants to obtain when converting the student visa, the list of documents necessary is different.

We invite you to discuss your immigration options with one of our lawyers. We can also advise on how to apply for Italian citizenship.

Documents required to convert a student visa into a work permit

The following documents must be prepared when converting a student visa into an employment permit in Italy:

  • proof of residence (the current student visa);
  • proof of employment (the job offer) when applying for an employee permit;
  • information about the employer (name, company records, phone number and email address, VAT returns and others);
  • information about the degree obtained from the Italian university (when applying for a self-employment permit);
  • information about the activity completed which allows for self-sufficiency and proof of annual income of more than 8,500 euros per year;
  • information about the housing arrangements (compliance and availability which must be proved through a rental or lease contract).

Compiling the documents which need to be filed when converting a student visa into a work permit can be difficult, especially when applying for a self-employment permit, which is why you can rely on us for assistance.

Other requirements for foreign students relocating permanently to Italy

Foreign citizens studying in Italy and seeking toobtain a residence permit need to know that:

  • they can work for 20 hours maximum per week and no more than 1,040 hours per year;
  • for a bachelor’s degree they must have studied for at least 3 years and obtained 180 credits with the university;
  • for a specialization degree, they must have studied in Italy for a minimum of 2 years;
  • for a doctorate degree, they must have attended a university for a minimum period of 3 years.

For more information on how toconvert a student visa into a work permit in Italy, please contact us.