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Obtain Elective Residency Visa in Italy

Obtain Elective Residency Visa in Italy

Foreign citizens interested in immigrating to Italy have several options depending on their intentions. One can relocate to Italy for work or business reasons or can even retire to Italy. There are several types of visas which can be issued for non-EU citizens, among which the Italian elective residency visa is quite sought.

Those who want to obtain an elective residency visa in Italy must comply with a few requirements. They should also know that certain conditions come once this type of visa has been obtained.

Below, our immigration lawyers in Italy explain the requirements related to obtaining an elective residency visa. We can also assist those interested in obtaining such a visa during the application procedure.

Who can apply for an elective residency visa for Italy?

As mentioned above, the elective residence visa can be obtained by non-EU citizens only (EU citizens do not require any type of visa for entering Italy). However, there are a few conditions that must be met by those who want to immigrate to Italy through this type of visa.

This visa can also be used as a residence permit in Italy.

Conditions for obtaining an Italian elective residency visa

If you are a foreign citizen and you want to immigrate to Italy, the elective residency visa is suitable for you if:

  • you are at least 18 years old (you can also bring dependents – wife and children – with you if you want);
  • you have sufficient funds to support yourself and the dependents during the stay in Italy;
  • you will have to prove that you will also be able to generate a passive income while living in Italy;
  • you must submit evidence that you have a place to stay in Italy (a rental contract will be sufficient);
  • you will have to have health insurance which covers medical expenses for a duration of 1 year.

Our immigration lawyers in Italy can offer the necessary support in preparing the documents needed for applying for an elective residence visa. This is also a great opportunity to apply for Italian citizenship. We invite you to watch a short video on the Italian elective residency visa:

How to obtain an elective residency visa in Italy

The first and most important aspect to consider is that you cannot apply for an Italian elective residency visa from Italy. You will need to address the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. This is why we offer expat support for those seeking to immigrate to Italy through this visa. We can also support you if you want to apply for Italian citizenship.

Also, a prior appointment for submitting the documents must be scheduled.

The documents which need to be provided to the Italian Embassy or Consulate are:

  1. the application form (it can be obtained online or directly at the Embassy or Consulate);
  2. the passport of all the applicants (in case you want to bring other family members along);
  3. two recent passport-sized photos (no scanned or photocopied photos are accepted);
  4. the document(s) indicating the funds you will use to support yourself in Italy (a bank statement will suffice);
  5. the document proving you have a place to stay in Italy (the rental agreement);
  6. the health insurance policy (each member must have an individual policy).

Other documents could be required depending on the duration of the stay. You can ask our Italian immigration lawyers about the additional documents which could support your application.

An important aspect to be considered when applying for an Italian elective residency visa is the amount of money necessary for proving sufficient funds. For a single person, at least 31, 000 euros are necessary. For a married couple, the minimum amount is 38,000 euros. For each child, an additional 20% of the initial amount is required.

How much does it cost to obtain an elective residency visa for Italy?

The Italian elective residency visa is one of the “cheapest” immigration visas for Italy because of the amount of money necessary as proof of living. The other costs related to obtaining such a visa are:

  • the health insurance which must cover at least 30,000 euros in medical expenses per year;
  • the housing costs – these depend on where you will live and the type of house you rent;
  • the authentication of the documents to be filed with Italian Embassy or Consulate;
  • the visa application fees which depend on the country you are coming from.

The visa is issued in a maximum of 90 days, which means you will need to make all arrangements a few months ahead if you have established a timeline for immigrating to Italy.

Once arrived in Italy, you will have 8 days to register with the police department in the city/town you will live in.

It is important to note that the Italian elective residency visa has a limited duration of one year and can be renewed. After living for a sufficient number of years, one can also apply for a permanent residence permit in Italy.

If you want to immigrate to Italy by applying for an elective residency visa, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers for support.