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Places to Retire in Italy

Places to Retire in Italy

Some European countries are known to provide very good conditions for foreigners who want to retire elsewhere than their home countries. Italy is one of these very popular destinations. 

Persons who want to immigrate to Italy when they retirehave several attractive Italian regions that have become throughout the years suitable places with perfect living conditions for the elderly. 

Regions such as Tuscany, Lazio, Puglia, Sicily or Lombardy have caught the attention of foreigners for their peaceful lifestyles and beautiful surroundings.

What are the main places to retire in Italy?

Foreigners who immigrate to Italy on a retirement visaprefer to select locations such as small cities located by the sea, where one can benefit from picturesque sightseeing and a quiet lifestyle. 

The overall budget is also of importance in choosing one of the places to retire in Italy, as there can be an important difference in prices. 

For instance, those choosing Sicily as their destination will have to pay approximately EUR 1,280 to EUR 3,050 per square meter, in the case in which they want to purchase an apartment. 

The prices for renting a property are much lower in this region, one can rent a 1 bedroom apartment for only EUR 390. Our immigration lawyer in Italycan help you sign a rental agreement. 

Our attorneycan also represent you in the process of purchasing a property in any of the places to retire in Italy and can guide you through the necessary steps. 

Another great region that has become popular amongst foreign retirees is Lombardy, where the cost of living is definitely higher compared to Sicily

Here, a foreigner should be prepared to pay EUR 950 per month when renting an apartment, and in the case of purchasing a property, the prices per 1 square meter range from EUR 3,300 to EUR 8,700. 

Retiring in Tuscany – main highlights 

Another attractive region that is increasingly popular is the region of Tuscany, a place that provides a different scenery compared to Lombardy or Sicily

Tuscany is the home of large vineyards, with luscious green landscapes and the ideal place for those who seek a great gastronomic experience and quality wines. 

Depending on where one is retiring to Tuscany, the cost of living can vary. Those who choose a more rural experience will generally pay lower prices compared to those who will live in Florence, the capital city of Tuscany

When immigrating to Italy in the region of Tuscany, foreigners should be prepared to face the following costs: 

  • renting a 1 bedroom apartment can cost EUR 500 per month for properties located at the margin of the city, while properties located in the city center can cost EUR 650 per month;
  • purchasing a property when retiring to Tuscany can cost EUR 3,240 to EUR 4,800 per square meter;
  • properties located in the rural regions can be available for sale at very low prices, of approximately EUR 17,000 (for properties that need renovations);
  • on a monthly basis, 2 persons can live in good conditions for EUR 2,300 per month, regardless of the region (rural/urban);
  • eating at a regular restaurant in Florence will cost EUR 15 per meal. 

Please mind that regardless of the choice for one of the places to retire in Italy, as a foreigner it will be necessary to apply for a visa (if you are a third party national). 

Foreigners from the European Union (EU) do not have to comply with visa requirements. It is also important to know that foreigners applying for visas must make the proof of a certain income level. 

The conditions to fulfill are the ones of the Italian Elective Residence Visa, the most popular way for immigration to Italy. Please contact our immigration lawyer in Italy for advice on how to apply for this document. 

If you will retire to Italy as a senior citizen, there are less opportunities for you to apply for citizenship, as this is a rather long procedure.

However, persons who arrive here under the Elective Residence Visa can be retired persons, but also, rather young.

Thus, they can have the opportunity to apply for citizenship in Italy, if this is something that they are interested in.

If not, you can move to Italy for the purpose of becoming a permanent resident.

Permanent residency grants almost the same rights as the ones available for Italian citizens, with the difference that the first category is not allowed to vote in Italy and to have an Italian passport, as for this document, one needs to have the Italian citizenship (there are no exemptions in this sense).

Persons who are not interested to retire here, but who, instead, are interested in business opportunities, can apply for the Golden Visa in Italy, a visa designed for foreign investors who have the capacity of making a large investment into the Italian economy.

Other business visas are available as well, and our immigration lawyers can offer an in-depth presentation of such visas.